Life would be flat with no passion

I will bet upon this that should you not have any passions or every other matter that entirely rules your head or keeps you infatuated or preoccupied then you are not living a fuller life that you should be living. There are of course those who will differ with me and consider themselves sound and sane and are prepared to batter me from all sides. I Had have you inquire in this simple question.

If you’ve got no demand to achieve anything and are aimlessly leaping from one target to another, when there is nothing that you must do when you get up each day, no company that gives you a motive to remain late in bed with no excitement in life, then I’m unsure what intent such a life brings. I am a sort of person who’s constantly infatuated and gripped by many things. I always carry my passions on my sleeves. I expect that by the end of this post, you’ll uncover your heavy and dark fixation too.


Some time back, I found my love for cooking and ever since then, I Have been honing my culinary skills. I learnt so substantially by watching the various cooking shows on TV but you have to realize that without real practices, there isn’t any manner you’ll be able to enhance.

Errors need to be made and anticipate few cuts in your fingers which you get when you learn how to slice meats and maybe a couple of burn steaks is common. Not everyone will love the journey though but if you’ve the passion, travelling on the journey will often be exciting. It was the cooking shows that first inspired me but I found attending cooking classes to be more satisfying. It is because only then, you get to interact with individuals who share exactly the same interest as you.


Not each individual is trained to look both ways of the road before they cross. Such eye-opening encounter is what I learned when I was walking down the roads of Paris. Seeing children there who are mindlessly crossing the roads is a normal scene. Luckily they safely crossed the road and reached the other side without the injury.

After I asked one group of children concerning why were they irresponsible and did not look on both sides before crossing the road and they just gave me a blank stare and laughed out. This was really my first shocking experience of cultural differences and these types of incidents I come across when I travel to distinct and unknown lands in the world.

This is exactly the reason why some folks cannot quit themselves from going around the world. Once you escape the comforts of your dwelling you have no idea of what’s ahead and what may get you by surprise. Once out on a traveling spree you’ve got to give up your old habits and routine of living and even your language.

I believe every single one of us is born with passion. Obsession is what some individuals refer to it and gift is what others refer to it as. I do not care what you call it but one thing for sure is they are nicely hidden within every one of us and no one else but ourselves can conceal them. Once you decide to pursue your deepest fire and comprehend yourself like never before, you will see that your life has changed dramatically as if it’s being painted by various colours that is vivacious, more brilliant and full of life, energy and positivity. You will be competent to live your life to the fullest, by being yourself just by rediscovering your passions, which may bring in a lot of positivity in your lives.

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